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Coconut Creek opens 'party pit' Wednesday night

When DJ Laz is hanging around a blackjack pit, you know it’s a party.

The Seminole Casino Coconut Creek will pump up its CoCo Girls Party Pit with an official opening at 7 tonight. In other words, the casino is replacing the blackjack dealers who dressed like restaurant servers with hot models in purple bustiers and short skirts.

The casino had been offering a party pit occasionally since its Feb. 2 expansion, but this one will include a full-time pit of 10 tables, beginning at noon every day. There’s a $10 minimum bet, and blackjack pays only 6-to-5.

Miami’s DJ Laz will start the party at 6:30 tonight, and if the former Power 96 DJ — now host of “The DJ Laz Morning Show” on 106.7 FM — can work up a rap involving “double down,” “no insurance” and “split those 8s,” he’ll make the hall of fame, in my book.

Meanwhile, free booze will be the rule at the party pit. Most South Florida casinos charge for drinks.

“We’ve all seen the success of party pits throughout Las Vegas and wanted to give that energy and appeal to players here in South Florida,” Coconut Creek marketing VP Michael Michaud says. “Plus, if you were building a party pit, wouldn’t you want to recruit from the hottest place on the planet? South Florida and blackjack party pits go together like a fine cigar and a great Scotch.”

Note: I tried to get photos of the hot babes up, but had computer issues.

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