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Seminole Coconut Creek honors 100-year-old patron

  Seminole Casino Coconut Creek honored what surely is their oldest slot player, 100-year-old Arthur Malin.

 The North Lauderdale man turned 100 Monday, but listening to him, well you'd put him maybe in his 80s.

 Malin, who dined with friend Rose Rosenthal and casino host Robert Hatina (pictured) at NYY Steak on Tuesday, just shows you what attitude does.

"How many guys do you know have never had a fight, never had an argument?" he said, after finishing his sea bass, corn, mushrooms, spinach and mashed potatoes and before the strawberry birthday cake. (Hatina did his homework.)

 Malin moved here 35 years ago from Brooklyn and remembers when the casino was just a tent, in about 2000. He still brings casino employees little bags of hard candies or chocolates, and says his charisma is still evident, which Rose, who has been his platonic friend since 1950 (both their deceased spouses made for a foursome), waves off.

"I still have my charm," Arthur says. "The girls still flirt with me."

Rose: "Only because you flirt with them first." She adds, "It's because they think he's loaded. I've protected him from so many situations..."

 Arthur and Rose live five minutes apart and Arthur drove them to the casino twice a week until last year; now Rose's son does. He still doesn't need a hearing aid and he only recently needed a cane.

"I use it for sympathy," he says. He also claims his son, Les, took him to the doctors for a memory faculties test, and he was declared to have only "one percent" of any onset, he insists.

Asked for his key to making it to 100, he responded: "Moderation."

I just didn't feel like pushing him for details, but he gave this birthday toast:

"To good health, happiness and success to everybody."

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