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Smoke-Free Gaming hits below the belt

 If those TV ads of ill smokers speaking via a voicebox don't get you, maybe this will. Smoke-Free Gaming of America has rolled out an ad connections smoking to problems men might have below their waist.

 The ad, as you see, is pretty graphic.

 “Secondhand Smoke & Smoking DAMAGE BLOOD FLOW” billboards are up along Interstate 15 near the Las Vegas Strip. Sponsored by Smoke-Free Gaming of America, the advertising targets those exposed to secondhand smoke and smoking, specifically casino employees and patrons.

 South Florida horse tracks, dog trackas and jai-alai frontons are subject to the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act and do not allow smoking. The casinos operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Miccosukees allow smoking, although the Seminole Coconut Creek and Seminole Classic casinos have had their ventilation system upgraded considerably.

 The billboards will be on display through the end of September 2013.

 A press release reads: "In addition, a guerilla marketing campaign will be implemented and will include a mascot along with an aggressive social media presence. The dedicated mascot, known as “Ed B. Limp,” will patrol populated areas of the Las Vegas Strip to create awareness of this important health issue."

 The release notes that in a in a 2009 study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, the correlation between smoking and secondhand smoke and ED is evident.

"The research, which was performed using lab mice, concluded that erectile function was significantly weakened when the mice were regularly subjected to the cigarette smoke," the release said, also saying that incidence of impotence is approximately 85-percent higher in male smokers compared to non-smokers and is a key cause of ED, due to arterial narrowing.

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