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Spectrum's report is out; speakers for Lakeland

 The final report from Spectrum Gaming has made its way to the Florida Legislature, and you, too, can read it by clicking here and navigating.

 As I mentioned last week, I recommend everybody read it -- not just the parts they agree with, but the whole thing. (And I will admit I haven't.)

 Last Wednesday's workshop in Coconut Creek blasted home one point to me: The gathering was to discuss the report, but maybe one of the 75 speakers ever referenced it. The 74 others stepped up to the plate to speak with opinions created long ago. All parties gotta do a better job understanding the other point of view -- and very few (not the decouplers, not the paris, not the horsemen, etc.) acknowledged such a thing even existed when they spoke.

 Speaking of those workshops, there's another Wednesdays in Lakeland. Notable speakers include the mayor and sheriff of Orlando (has a sheriff ever supported gambling?) and Milt Champion, the former head of pari-mutuel wagering who was ousted in kind of a dirty deal.

 Here is the list.


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