Lottery: $16M winning ticket sold at Miami airport

By Nick Sortal

10:21 AM EST, January 3, 2013


 Well, talk about a winner that could literally be from anywhere in the world: The Florida Lotto yielded a single $16 million winner Wednesday night, with the ticket sold in a place that has quite the geographically diverse audience.

 Miami International Airport. More specficially, Terminal F. That's where Mercado Miami, one of the state's top retailers, is located. The store does a ton of business with MIA employees, but also with travelers.

The numbers were: 9-17-27-44-48-51. Turns out airports have been pretty lucky:




Powerball, meanwhile, rolled over to $60 million for Saturday night's drawing. The numbers were 18-20-28-35-53, with a Powerball of 20.