Updated: Hallandale commissioner's resolution turns ugly

Lazarow (later, to Lewy): Let’s not have this conversation because it’s going to upset me. You’re not supporting it, then speaking on an advocacy point of view … it’s an insult to me, personally. So please don’t do that.

Cooper: I’d just like to share an observation. There’s a certain time and place for everything.

Lazarow: (Audible groan.)

Cooper then talks about the legislative policy protocol, the last time of which included discussion of decoupling and notes how Lazarow is passionate about the topic.

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Lazarow: … this isn’t passion. This is advocacy.

Cooper: You’re interrupting me. Excuse me, you’re interrupting me. Please.

Lazarow: You’re giving me a lecture.

Cooper: Please stop interrupting me, excuse me. I’m not lecturing, I’m trying to share some thought.

Lazarow:  You’ve already shared it. You’ve already said your piece.

Cooper: Well, I’ll share it with the rest of the commission.

Lazrow: Yes, because you’re a (unintelligible.) (Lazarow later said she didn't remember what she said, but noted that it was more unintelligble than unprintable. Not appropriate, but clearly not any of the top five things you'd call someone in your own house.)

Lewy: Oh, Lord.

Cooper: And we don’t have to do name-calling.

They voted 3-2 to table.

What’s lost, though, is that if Hallandale Beach were to become involved in supporting pari-mutuels, they have two, not one pari-mutuel in the city.

Gulfstream Park spokesman David Joseph confirmed no one asked Gulfstream. To those who don’t follow gambling that much, pari-mutuels never want their competitors to have an upper leg. So Gulfstream, naturally, would not support decoupling, a move that would help Mardi Gras reduce expenses. And decoupling also is opposed, naturally, by dog trainers, and horse trainers, who fear that not requiring pari-mutuels for slots could have a snowball effect. Then there’s the idea that pari-mutuels campaigned for slots on the idea that it would save their industry…

“We’d be against that kind of a resolution,” Joseph said.

 Cooper clearly explained her position on looking at a comprehensive package, rather than one resolution, for the city’s gambling interest, and had plenty to say about the topic.

 But not much about Lazarow. Cooper said she didn’t remember the name-calling, nor did she expect an apology, noting that she’s been knocked around verbally plenty of times. Lewy, who appears to be the calm one on the tape, said he still thinks decoupling will cruise, and as far as Lazarow goes “I admire her passion.”

Updated: Lazarow said she had spoken before the resolution with Adkins, and when the other commissioners began relating their conversations with him, there were some differences -- and had her conversation with Adkins focused more on his fear of political implications, she might have pulled the resolution.