Isle $50K for $75 buy-in results in 7-person chop

 Nobody walked out with the advertised first prize of $50,000, but at least seven poker players walked away happy Sunday at Isle Casino and Racing.

 The inaugural Isle Summer Slam advertised a $50,000 first prize for a $75 buy-in. To do that, the card room clearly needed massive entrants, and held 12 Day 1s in June. Those drew 3,939 players; the Isle needed 4,000 in order to hit $300K in buy-ins, and by not doing so had to reach into its own pocket. (Then there were the card room's tournament expenses...)

So chip leader Nathan Woodside Jr. of North Lauderdale took home $26,020 in a typical business decision poker players make when the disparity between first-place money and second is large. The deal was made with seven players, left, and everyone, as usual, got more than the lower places would have paid.

Aww, heck, you know what I mean. They chopped it.

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The results:

1 Nathan Woodside Jr North Lauderdale, FL $26,020 $50,000
2 DNR Miami Beach FL $24,015 $25,000
3 Guillermo Hamilton Miami, FL $23,041 $20,000
4 Michael Corbett Fort Lauderdale, FL $19,393 $15,000
5 Lisa Teebagy Lighthouse Point, FL $19,221 $12,500
6 Frank Traino Fort Lauderdale, FL $15,056 $10,000
7 Lois Bovit Boynton Beach, FL $13,754 $8,000
8 Rolando Wong Miami, FL $6,000  
9 Jeremy Wilby Pompano Beach, FL $4,000  
10 Jason Prest Boca Raton, FL $3,000  
11 Andrew Touchette Coconut Creek, FL $3,000  
12 Ronald Simmons Highsprings, FL $3,000  
13 Robert Blanchette Fort Lauderdale, FL $2,400  
14 Josue Garcis Miami, FL $2,400  
15 Claudy Rosier Boynton Beach, FL $2,400  
16 Elisha Greenwood Philadelphia, PA $2,000  
17 John Rodriguez Miramar, FL $2,000  
18 Stephen Gonot Deerfield Beach, FL $2,000  
19 Adlay Lago Miami, FL $1,750  
20 Claude Nganga Codru Hollywood, FL $1,750  
21 Abbey Daniels Coral Springs, FL $1,750  
22 Richard Hope Dade City, FL $1,750  
23 Eric Lundi Fort Lauderdale, FL $1,750  
24 Lloyd Nastase Coral Springs, FL $1,750  
25 Russell Williams Port St Lucie, FL $1,750  
26 Preecha Taepakdee Sunrise, FL $1,750  
27 Adam Mann Boca Raton, FL $1,750