Miami woman takes down Isle trophy

The Isle Casino and Racing's February $100,000 guarantee come down toa business deal, and Ariel Williams and nine other players.

The event, which cost $100 to buy-in, drew 1,317 entries. Re-entries were allowed.

Williams took home the trophy and $14,170. The 10 remaining players decided to split up the prize money, and this is how it went:

Ariel Williams Miami, FL  $14,170
Evan Snow Coral Springs, FL $10,040
Michael Douglas Stewart Eddy Hollywood, FL $9,050
Elliott Zaydman Glen Roch, NJ $8,030
Jimmy Hepburn Miramar, FL $8,000
Daniel Kokchkov Ft Lauderdale, FL $7,280
Joseph Mancuso Ft Lauderdale, FL $6,640
Neal Rocklin Bay Harbor Isld, FL $6,330
Bret Grebow Delray Beach, FL $5,750
Maciej Zalewski Ft Lauderdale, FL $5,085

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