Powerball (Tim Boyle/Getty Images News/Courtesy / November 26, 2012)

Powerball players once again were shut out of the main jackpot -- pushing the top prize to about $425 million for the next drawing -- the largest jackpot ever for the game.

The jackpot was at an estimated $325 million going into Saturday night's drawing. But no one had 22-32-37-44-50 with a Powerball of 34, so the jackpot rolls over into uncharted waters.

The largest Powerball jackpot before this was $365 million, won in 2006 by eight workers at a meatpacking plant in Nebraska.

And the $425 million for Wednesday is only an estimate, because sales pick up in the days before record drawings and Powerball officials are conservative in announcing the jackpot.
What's not conservative: even the cash option for Wednesday. If players prefer the lump sum over the 30-year annuity -- and almost all of them do -- the loot would be $278.3 million.

Powerball hasn't hit since Oct. 3. That's 15 straight drawings. It'll take a few more rollovers to reach the all-time jackpot record for any lottery, set earlier this year when MegaMillions rose to $656 million. But there are two factors that make it more likely: 1.) People buy like crazy when the jackpots are this high; and 2.) Powerball tickets are $2, compared to $1 for MegaMillions.
Meanwhile, Florida Lotto rolled over to $3 million. The numbers were 26-28-36-41-50-51. And there were four Fantasy 5 winners, including two in Miami-Dade.

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