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Lottery unveils new logo

That flamingo has a little bit more of a grin and the sun has set on the setting sun.

 On Monday, the Florida Lottery unveiled a new logo and brand identity, "marking the agency’s 25 years of achievements, innovation, stewardship and winning," according to a news release.

  Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell revealed the new logo on a sign at the headquarters building in Tallahassee.  She also recognized employees who have worked with the Florida Lottery for 25 years and noted the $24 billion transferred to education.

 The flamingo has long been the Florida lottery's symbol, and this new version displays the bird a little more prominently. Most recent versions have the flamingo backdropped by the sun, but that's been reworked, and the words "Florida Lottery" are more prominent.

All right, that's about all I can wring out of this story. To me, it's a logo.

But not so for lottery officials; they say it means more than that. They say the new brand "better reflects the excitement of playing and winning, and is part of a broad strategy to keep the Lottery fresh and dynamic as it moves into the future" and the lottery continues to create greater funding for education in Florida, including the Bright Futures Scholarship program, which has sent more than 600,000 Florida students to college since its inception.

  “While products and services abound, it is time to focus on the innovative and fresh spirit of today’s Lottery,” said O’Connell. “We have taken a thoughtful and thorough approach to this new brand in order to develop an identity that is compelling and expresses the energy and excitement that fuels the brand today.”

  Well, that said. the lottery has had a pretty nice run recently. They sagely added Powerball in 2009, keeping up with our microwave society's mentality of chasing the hugest jackpot available. And the 25th Anniversary Millionaire Raffle was a good game, which actually came out with really good odds for players. They sold about 650,000 tickets, which mean $13 million put into a prize pool that paid out $10 million.

   And Gov. Rick Scott  had words of support: “The Florida Lottery is a true success story for the state of Florida. For 25 years, this agency has consistently provided benefits to our state’s economy and education system.”

 Lottery’s first instant Scratch-Off game, Millionaire, premiered on Jan. 12, 1988, and more than $37.7 billion has been paid out in prizes. There have been 1,200 millionaires, which averages to about one per week.

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