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VIDEO: Hot Hangouts for Lauderdale Lesbians

Lesbians looking for what to do and where to go in SoFlo should look no furthur.

Here's a list of hot hangouts, websites and events for women who love women:

NEW MOON BAR: A must-stop, this gay-owned bar manages to be both laid-back-friendly and kinda-cruisey all at once. Inside are videos and pool tables; outside is a patio bar that gets packed on weekends. 2440 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors.

HER WINTER PARTY 2013: Yeah, yeah, we know: Winter Party is all about sweaty dudes dancing shirtless and grinding on each other. Not so! Women also have their events during the annual six-day house music fest March 6-11 at various venues in Miami Beach.

GAY SOFTBALL LEAGUE: Lesbians like to play with balls too. And there's nowhere better to do that than the Sports Foundation of South Florida, which has all kinds of level of play for softball fans from let's-just-have-fun recreational games to we-act-like-we're-gonna-go-pro upper divisions.

SIDELINES SPORTS BAR: Although not specifically a lesbian bar, it is gay-owned and women are always in full-effect, packing the expansive bar especially for Sunday football broadcasts (on 16 flat screen TVs) and Thursday pool leagues (on three pool tables). 2031 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors.

AQUA GIRL 2013: It sounds like a pool party for women who love women, but it's actually 14 events in Miami Beach hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and - yes, we admit it - at least two swimming pools. This year the fierce festivities are from May 15-19. 305-576-2782.

J'S BAR: This funky little bar is a bit off the beaten track, but gained national attention as the fave-rave of soulful rock singer Beverly McClellan when she was on "The Voice" during its premier season (she still stops by for jam sessions). J's is popular with locals and boasts an interracial crowd. 2778 Davie Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. 954-581-8400. Facebook/pages/js-bar.

THE PINK SUBMARINE: Where else can a woman go a get a good eight inches? Owned by hotties Dawn Cohen Holloway and Lori Tanner, The Pink Sub serves up the best gourmet sandwiches in Broward County. 2041 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. 954-566-2219.

MY LESBIAN RADIO: Coming out of Coral Springs, it's the best podcasts, the funniest videos and the hottest music (all genres) - what else do you want? 877-800-9497.

RO & LINDA'S T.G.I.S. TEA DANCE: For the over-50 crowd it's a party that may be tricky to find, but is worth the effort. Keep an eye out for information at The Manor Complex website and/or at this Facebook page.

WOMEN IN NETWORK: One of the best places to see what's out there to do outside of the bar scene in Fort Lauderdale (the art gallery parties and charity golf tournaments are fab & fun). 954-463-9005.


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