Flight Attendant Helps Deliver Baby on Plane
FORT LAUDERDALE -- An American Airlines flight attendant can add delivering a baby to her in-flight accommodations.

Patricia Sund helped deliver a baby boy on a flight from Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

It happened on June 11 aboard Flight 2288, about 35 minutes prior to landing.

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Sund said when she realized the mother was in labor, she asked if there were any doctors onboard the 737. Sund hit the jackpot.

"One popped up and said 'I'm a doctor.' Okay, cross that off the list, don't have to ask for that," Sund said.

"I was going up to verify that her water had broken and when I came back another doctor said, 'I'm a surgeon can I help you?' and I said come on back."

The healthy baby boy was born in the last row of seats.

One of the doctors handed the newborn off to Sund, who was hit with a rush of excitement.

"It was exhilarating. It was more drama than trauma but when you are handling something like that in the back of a 737, you burn about a gallon of adrenaline. It was good, a lot of teamwork involved."

It's not known how far along the mother was when she went into labor.

Sund says flight attendants are trained for such situations, and procedures are already in place.

This one just worked out well with two doctors onboard.