'Shaun the Sheep' review: Flock on the lam

You wouldn't expect the latest kid-friendly release to offer up an opportunity to discuss cinematic traditions, but "Shaun the Sheep," from "Wallace and Gromit" and "Chicken Run" filmmakers Aardman Animations, isn't like most kid movies. The dialogue-free film uses ingenious visual storytelling...

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  • 'Alleluia' review: Gruesome love story

    'Alleluia' review: Gruesome love story

    The Belgian-French import "Alleluia" is inspired by the late-1940s case of American criminals Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, a.k.a. the Lonely Hearts Killers. Although stylish and unsettling, the film can't hold a candle to the 1970 movie "The Honeymoon Killers," writer-director Leonard Kastle's...

  • 'Paper Towns' review: John Hughes would approve

    'Paper Towns' review: John Hughes would approve

    There's something incredibly satisfying about a well-executed high school film that hits all the right John Hughes-inspired sweet spots. "Paper Towns," adapted from a novel by "The Fault in Our Stars" writer John Green, does just that, with a twist. Concerned with the miracles, myths and mysteries...

  • 'Unexpected' review: Baby boom

    'Unexpected' review: Baby boom

    Passing through security one morning on the way to her Chicago Public Schools classroom, the high school science teacher played by Cobie Smulders in Kris Swanberg's "Unexpected" has a distracted quality in her eyes.

  • 'Irrational Man' review: Woody Allen dives deep into familiar territory

    'Irrational Man' review: Woody Allen dives deep into familiar territory

    Forty-five features into his half-century of moviemaking, the rote obsessions distinguishing Woody Allen's furtive protagonists — luck, fate, chance, getting away with murder — have extended more and more to Allen's own approach to screenwriting.

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