Live Tweeting Best Coast at Grand Central

Southern California surf-rock duo Best Coast will visit the East Coast Tuesday, July 10 for a show at Grand Central in downtown Miami. The show is part of a tour in support of the band's sophomore record, "The Only Place," whose eponymous single is an ode to California's scenery.

In the hook, vocalist Bethany Consentino chants, "We like to sit around and stare/at the ocean/at the sun/at the mountains/at the trees... Why would you live anywhere else?"

Although mountains are absent from South Florida scenes, there are plenty of trees and ocean views down here. Tuesday night, I'll be at the Best Coast show to see if Consentino shows South Florida some love.

I'll be live-tweeting from @SSEntertainment, and posting photos to @mariamurriel on Instagram. To join our conversation or share your photos, use hashtag #SSatBestCoast.

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