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Tritonal takes over

Tritonal is poised to be the next big thing. Made up of Austin DJ's Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed - the duo plays Off the Hookah tonight. They emailed their answers in:

How do two guys from the states just come out of nowhere and take over like you did?

Love this question because of the fact that we really didn't just "come out of nowhere" from our paradigm - it actually took us nearly five to six years to get where we are now and with that came a LOT of growth in our sound as well as our overall direction in where we actually wanted to go with it. We started with more of an underground, melodic, trance sound. And being that we always want to stay inspired, we try new things, explore new ideas, build something up and rip all apart to just grow and develop our own unique style of music. It's only just now that many are starting to hear about our growth.

I read somewhere that you guys met online. Were your families/friends supportive of you pursuing "Tritonal" from the start?

We did meet online. And yes, our families and friends have been supportive from day one. Everyone has been nothing but fully amped for us and wanting us to succeed with what we love. ... We're either in the studio, on an airplane or at a gig, but it's ultimately so amazing to have such a wonderful backbone of love and support at home, we love you!

Do you think being from the states has you at a disadvantage?

Actually, the exact opposite. We feel so thankful to be from the USA, we love it here and not only that, the music scene here is one of the best in the world. This country is so musically rich with new talent, new festivals, venues, EDM events - it's exploded.

How much do you guys love South Florida?

We totally love South Florida. Such a fun, uplifting atmosphere. We've always had great shows here and not only that we have an amazing, Tritonian fan base here that always come to see us no matter where we play. From our ventures throughout Miami with WMC and ULTRA to even EDC Orlando, I think it's safe to say we love Florida period - It's always a good time and we're glad to be back in Ft. Lauderdale to play.

What should your Tritonians be on the look out for next?

Definitely be on the look out for our NEW Metamorphic II EP. We've got three new Tritonal singles that will be set to release as the EP on November 25th. We can't wait. Also, a note of thanks, love and appreciation for your countless efforts of support for the both of us, we could't have a better fan base in the world!

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