Jacuzzi Boys will be Jacuzzi Boys

If their new music videos are any indication, Miami garage rockers the Jacuzzi Boys are still preaching a familiar brand of psychedelic weirdness. Hot women lick bowling balls "Big Lebowski" style and kidnap a grizzled Cadillac driver in the clip for the mellow rock single "Double Vision," while "Domino Moon" drops viewers into the pit at a concert, before cutting to disorienting visuals of sunbaked highways and bouncing full moons.

Both songs, as well as the just-released single "Be My Prism" (no music video — yet) are part of the band's self-titled third album, out Sept. 10. The album, released by the Sub Pop Records imprint Hardly Art, is filled with the Boys' sun-drenched vibes, sneering guitars and fuzzy rock, and may be the band's least-aggressive, most-laid-back release to date.

Explaining their peculiar recording ritual for the new album, frontman Gabriel Alcala told Rolling Stone in May that "Double Vision" happened during a night after "we left the liquor store with all the ingredients to make tequila sunrises," which may help explain some of the Boys' more-euphoric harmonies.

The band, composed of Alcala, drummer Diego Monasterios and bassist Danny Gonzalez, will host a release party Saturday night at Churchill's Pub, noteworthy for being among the first bars to host the Jacuzzi Boys when they debuted in 2007. The band will embark on a 32-date tour Sept. 25 in St. Augustine.

Jacuzzi Boys, with openers Shark Valley Sisters, Rat Bastard, Kenny Millions and DJ Disco Duck, will perform 9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7, at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., in Miami. Admission is $5. Call 305-757-1807 or go to ChurchillsPub.com.

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