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Rainbows in the D

Can Tenacious D feel any more validated after making a righteous career out of Ronnie James Dio covers, comedy rock and "Tribute," a salute to the best song in the world?

Yes, they can, if that validation comes from a Grammy nomination for 2012's "Rize of the Fenix," hard won after two decades and three comedy albums as rock 'n' roll's de facto court jesters. They lost to Hugh Jackman, of course, which the D's Jack Black and Kyle Gass accepted with no small measure of mock resentment.

"If it's a contest of who can sing better Dio covers, I think I would smoke him. If it's who's gonna be better at 'Sunday in the Park With George,' then [Jackman's] gonna take the cake." Black told Rolling Stone after the Grammy loss, before hinting at a potential title for the band's upcoming fourth album. "We kinda wanted to call our next album 'Tenacious D: Led Zeppelin IV,' which would suggest that it's in fact our best album."

A Zeppelin bump may indeed be what's necessary for the continuing saga of Hollywood Jack and Rage Kage. The acoustic heavy metal duo will always produce face-melting guitar licks, but what gets Black and Gass that gold-plated gramophone may be the one thing writ larger in Tenacious D's songbook: the enduring belief in their own greatness.

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