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Latin rock star Juanes plays Hard Rock Live

Every kid who has dreamt of being a rock star has imagined it: boarding a tour bus and playing shows throughout the country with his own band. One of those kids was Juan Esteban Aristizabal, whom fans know as Juanes and who will be playing at Hard Rock Live next Thursday for his Loud and Unplugged Tour 2013.

“For me, this thing about touring in a bus is extremely romantic, you know?” he said on a phone interview from Montreal, Canada, where he played a sold-out show. “I see it as something I always dreamt about.”

Juanes, a Grammy-winning Colombian singer with hits such as “La Camisa Negra”, is promoting his 2012 acoustic album MTV Unplugged, which revived a career that had been on a long losing streak. He’s also promoting a new book, Chasing the Sun, which he penned before the tour.

“You sleep at night on the bus, then you get to a new city. You play and then go back to sleep,” said Juanes, 40. “City by city, you meet their people and eat the local food. The landscapes are so diverse. It changes the idea you get on T.V. or what others say about a country.”

The rock star grew up in Medellin and moved to Miami over a decade ago, after leaving heavy metal band Ekhymosis to start his career as a solo artist. Though he’s a Colombian citizen, his two daughters and young son were born here.

“This is a country with great places to play shows and an advanced culture as far as touring goes. Everything is easy going,” he said. “I’ve also seen a lot of changes in the Latino community in the last 13 years. It’s much more bilingual now. The new generation speaks in English but thinks in Spanish. And they love Spanish-language music.”

Lea esta nota en español aquí.

If you go

Who: Juanes

When: Thursday, June 27, 8 p.m.

Where: Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood

Cost: $64, $74, $84, $94

For tickets:

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