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Passion Pit lovers swarmed ArtsPark Amphitheatre

It was like their shrieks were involuntary reactions to any movement on the stage. Openers performed, roadies moved equipment, and the girls shrieked. They shrieked for Michael Angelakos, Passion Pit's frontman and lead singer, and they shrieked for who knows what else, but they shrieked.

When the band came on the stage Tuesday night -- its members smiling, waving, and giving each other piggy-back rides to their instruments -- the audience in the back of the lawn swarmed to the front, squeezing between other fans to hear the group's newest hit, "Take a Walk."

Angelakos danced across the stage as he sang, sometimes inviting the crowd to sing, and at one point reaching out for a group of hands. That gesture made the other side of the pit erupt in -- you guessed it -- shrieks.

I have to say, I was skeptical. Passion Pit's performance on Saturday Night Live on Oct. 13 was less than impressive. Angelakos' voice seemed to want to cut off at every note, straining to stretch itself as long as its studio version does.

But last night was better. The singer was good-humored and his voice was energetic, never short. The crowd was more than pleased. Click here to see some of the fans' reactions and photos from the show.

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