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South Florida just got its own Hurricane Irma viral rap song

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, there’s an “evaculation” goin’ on.

The massive storm has left millions of South Floridians hot, sweaty and powerless, but here’s a little levity while some of us still wait for air-conditioned comfort: The catastrophic cyclone has already spawned its own rap remix, titled “The Evaculation Song.”

The viral video stems from a WFOR-Ch. 4 interview on Miami Beach shortly before Irma stormed across the Florida Keys. In the clip, a broadcast journalist asks a resident how, while a major hurricane was barreling toward Florida, he could be standing outside instead of taking shelter from the storm.

The man’s response? “We came out here to experience the weather. We heard about all the evaculation going on.”

What’s that, now?

The misspoken word inspired an earwormy, one-minute song that spread across social media on Monday. Since then, it has quickly become a viral hit, amassing hundreds of thousands of views on websites such as YouTube and Instagram. Rapper Big Boi, half of the Atlanta hip-hop duo OutKast, even posted a video remix of the song on his Instagram account.

“The Evaculation Song” has it all. There’s a thumping, insistent beat. There’s vintage “Soul Train” footage of bell-bottomed dancers. There’s even video of singer Beyonce twerking on stage.

Somehow it all makes sense.

“The Evaculation Song,” of course, joins the ranks of other local television news-inspired rap remixes over the years, such as “Dead Giveaway” and “The Bed Intruder.” (Both videos are NSFW.)

But now South Florida has its own remix, for better or worse.


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