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Where the dead can dance

Attendees of this week's Black Friday party at the Green Room will come dressed in their old-Hollywood best: The event's theme is dead celebrities.

Promoter and DJ Mike Linder doesn't think the premise is macabre, even in the wake of "The Sopranos" star James Gandolfini's sudden death Wednesday.

"It's a party of fun and renewal, celebrating dead people," Linder says. "Some people take it too far. Some would take advantage of James Gandolfini dying. I've stayed quiet, because I don't want it to be in poor taste, using that to promote my event."

Last week, Black Friday presented a zombie dance. Linder says the undead at this week's event, the second Dead Celebrities Party in as many years, won't aim to be grotesque.

"The vibe we go for is kind of older, Hollywood glam," he says. "Last year, there was one or two doing it zombie-style, but the person who did it was also Michael Jackson. We had three different Audrey Hepburns, one spot-on Brittany Murphy from 'Clueless' and three burlesque dancers: Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse."

This time, burlesque dancers again will dress as Winehouse and Hepburn, but two others will appear as Janis Joplin and a gender-bending, strip-teasing Hunter S. Thompson.

"Normally, my events are darker," Linder says. "But this one is really just a celebration."

The Green Room is located at 109 SW Second Ave., in Fort Lauderdale. The Dead Celebrities party starts at 10 p.m. and performances begin at midnight. Admission is free. Go to

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