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Dutch DJ Sander van Doorn at Miami's LIV

The moment Sander van Doorn took the turntables it was like the coffee finally took effect.

The Dutch DJ pulled the sleepy fans at Miami’s LIV to their feet Thursday night, with pulsating jabs of progressive house.

Van Doorn is a regular in the electronica circuit, having played Miami’s last Ultra Music Festival, along with gigs at Energy, Mysteryland, EDC and Ibiza. To check out his music, go here.

He took time for his busy schedule to answer some questions over email:


Q: You've worked with top producers such as Tiësto, Armin Van Burren, Swedish House Mafia and more. Where do you see the evolution and progression of dance music going? 

A: Wow there is so much new music always coming out and things change so fast. I think you seeing Djs experimenting and crossing into other genres and moving things forward. I'm sure this trend will continue. 

Q: What are some of your strangest rituals when you start planning your next hit? 

A: There's really no ritual at all. I just love to be in a studio with a clear mind and let things progress naturally. 

Q: What was your inspiration behind your latest single, "Neon" out July 29th on Spinnin' Records? 

A: There's a certain glow and energy I get when the lights go out in a club and this song is sort of the aural feeling I get when in the club and things are going. It's Neon 

Q: We saw you tweeted that you and your team were NOT on acid when you came up with the theme for the Neon video? Can you elaborate on that? What does the Jellyfish symbolize? 

A: Haha well the video is a trippy and perhaps what I assumed to be a visual of what tripping is like. It's ported in movies in this way as well. So that's what I meant. 

Q: There's been a few artists that have decided to take a break from social media lately. Do you see this as a new trend or a mistake?

No, I think social media is great but it's important to be smart about what you say. There aren't any rules so if someone wants to take a break and concentrate on other things then that's fine. 

Q: You're scheduled to headline some of the largest summer festivals in the world this year, but what are your thoughts about their soaring tickets prices? Electric Zoo is asking $139 - $159 for a 1 day pass and $359 for a 3 days. TomorrowWorld is asking for $397 for a 5 day pass. Do you believe these prices are justifiable and if so why?

A: Well there's definitely a high standard that these festivals have set and to keep meeting and exceeding expectations the production level always needs to increase. Unfortunately it becomes quite costly but I hope that fans feel like they're getting their money's worth because I know I play my heart out for them! 

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