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Interview: Swedish electronica duo Cazzette

Sporting larger-than-life cassette masks that impede both hearing and sight, Cazzette is hard to miss.

Launched by Avicii's producer, the Swedish DJ duo has enjoyed a quick rise to fame. They were a favorite at the 2013 Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

It all started on MySpace. Four years ago, Sebastian Furrer pinged his now partner Alexander Björklund over a shared love of electronica. The two, 20 and 24 respectively, started working together as Cazzette a couple years ago.

Björklund talked by phone from New York as he was preparing for New York Fashion Week.

How did you two come up with the name?

Ash (Avicii's producer, Ash Pournouri) our producer, came up wtih the name, which fits our music and our personalities. ... We don't like playing just one type of music.

How would you describe your music?

We don't do one kind of sound, like only doing dubstep or only doing house. ... We go from 90 bpm to 135 bpm, 160. We go back and forth so much that it's hard to do just one type of song.

What are you two like?

We are chill guys, pretty regular. We're both from small cities in Sweden, and remember to stay nice people.

Are you wearing the cassette masks at the show?

They kept getting lost in the airport all the time. That was horrible, but we finally have them back. ... They don't like anything electronic, so they just take it.

How do you deal with them - they must be heavy and hot?

Yeah, it gets pretty hot. We can't really see that much and can't really hear that much. We have headphones in there. ... We even have air conditioning installed.

What are your favorite spots in South Florida to play music and have fun?

We love Mansion. We like LIV, those two are our favorites. It's really good clubs. We always have a good time when we go there. The booth is good, always fun for us. ... There's also this spot, Juice and Java, organic wraps and salad. We always go there.




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