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Return to 'Juvenile Hell'

Mobb Deep producer Havoc declared last summer that conflicts between he and emcee Prodigy had put the New York rap duo on an "indefinite hiatus." Fans of hardcore hip-hop cringed. But now, Mobb Deep is onstage again on a 20th-anniversary tour that will stop Saturday night at the Stage in Miami.

The pair will dust off tracks from their 1993 debut album, "Juvenile Hell," but fans may also hear new material.

"The new Mobb Deep album will probably be out sometime next year," Havoc, whose real name is Kejuan Muchita, says in a phone interview.

This past May, Havoc released a new solo album, "13." It's the first of his solo projects without a feature from Prodigy, but Havoc has said it's his favorite creation.

With Mobb Deep, Havoc's lyricism is overshadowed by his producing role. But on "13," his hardcore, New York sound is intensified not by verses about upstate prisons and mob life, but by the dark sensitivity in tracks such as "Already Tomorrow," which laments teenage pregnancy and the passage of time.

Twenty years after starting out as an inner-city teen with no business savvy, the 39-year-old says maintaining his duo's gritty identity can be challenging. But in the end, he says, "We Mobb Deep."

The Stage is located at 170 NE 38th St., in Miami. Tickets cost $25 at During the show, the bar will serve free Remy Martin cocktails.

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