Okeechobee maps: quick view of festival grounds

Counting down to Okeechobee? There are only a couple of weeks left, but to prepare, here are maps of the festival grounds.

Everything is pretty walkable, so you can opt for cute shoes instead of practical ones. But, if you get tired, there will be pedicabs. There are various pickup stations (noted in the main map above) around the whole site.

For those roughing it the entire weekend, the camping areas are on the map in the green areas, labeled with three letters each, like "FYI." RV parking costs from $225-$275. Located near the campgrounds are showers ($6/each) and general stores. Some of these stations also include medical areas. The VIP camping areas are colored pink. The "Eternal Sunshine" VIP Experience costs $599, and includes such perks as WIFI, phone charging stations, a juice bar, welcome party and snacks.

Near the middle of the map is The Grove, which includes the three main stages. This is where the headliners will be playing, like Bassnectar on Friday night, Kendrick Lamar on Saturday night and Mumford & Sons on Sunday night.

To the left of Jungle 51 on the map is the Moonlight Oasis, which includes the Lakeside Swimming Beach, Yogachobee and the Jungle Stage. The beach area features a ferris wheel. Rides cost $6 each. Yogachobee will have free yoga classes and tea. And the Jungle Stage (in red) is the techno area, pumping out music night to early morning.

Stay tuned for our survival guide, which will include tips on everything from what to bring to stay stylish and safe from mosquitoes.

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