Irisdaly Rios

Irisdaly Rios, 35, was caught on camera beating up a 12-year-old girl who was allegedly bullying her daughter. (Hialeah Police Department / March 7, 2014)

A video of a South Florida mom fighting with a 12-year-old girl who was allegedly bullying the woman's daughter has led to the mother's arrest, NBC Miami reports.

Irisdaly Rios, 35, is seen on video punching and slapping Hialeah Middle School student Ashley Perez. Rios told NBC Miami that Perez had been bullying her daughter every day at school. 

When Rios arrived to pick her daughter up at school Tuesday, she saw Perez arguing with the girl and felt her daughter was in danger, so she intervened.

Rios was arrested on charges of simple battery after Hialeah police used video taken of the fight to identify both Rios and Perez at the scene.

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Perez suffered scratches on her neck and chipped a tooth in the brawl. 

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