Dog keg stand

two college students were arrested after this photo of a dog doing a keg stand was posted online. (Brockport Police Department)

Two students from College at Brockport were arrested after posing a dog on a keg stand during a party.

A photo of a dog appearing to do a keg stand at a college party quickly circulated online, leading to the arrests of two students, USA Today is reporting.

The photo was taken Saturday at an off-campus party attended by College at Brockport students. In the photo, which was originally posted to @SUNYPartyStory on Twitter, a black Labrador retriever named Mya is held upside down with its mouth to the keg tap.

Shane Oliver, 20, is accused of holding the dog while 20-year-old Robert Yates took the photo. Both were arrested on animal cruelty charges, although a student who lives at the home where the photo was taken told ABC 13 News that it was meant as a joke and the dog didn't have any alcohol.


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