On Wednesday's "Late Night," Seth Meyers introduced a game show called "Fake or Florida."

Seth Meyers' fascination with Florida, evident from his "Weekend Update" stint on "Saturday Night Live," is continuing in his new hosting gig on "Late Night."

On Wednesday's show, Meyers offered the first edition of the game show "Fake or Florida." Contestants from the studio audience hear Meyers tell outlandish stories and score points by saying whether the story is fake or Florida.

Meyers explained that he loves weird stories and finds that they almost always happen in the Sunshine State.

Seth Meyers has finally made his late night debut! His first guests were comedian Amy Poehler and Vice President Joe Biden.

Correct answers are greeted with the sound of a retiree yelling bingo; incorrect answers get a pageant mom yelling at a 4-year-old. Players donned Mickey Mouse gloves to answer the final question.

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The real Florida stories included a Miami Gardens pastor offering to eat a cockroach to boost church attendance and a St. Petersburg man throwing concrete chunks at a hotel because he said zombies were chasing him.

In the first game, winners received the Florida state flag.

The segment should be very successful for Meyers, who has debuted to strong ratings. Look what Florida weirdness has done for Carl Hiaasen.

For Wednesday's show, Meyers averaged 2.7 million viewers. He followed Jimmy Fallon, who delivered 5.5 million to NBC, comfortably ahead of CBS' David Letterman with 2.4 million and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel with 2.5 million.