Flappy Bird: the game that launched an international craze, and ultimately drove its creator, Dong Nguyen, to remove his own highly profitable game from the app store rather than let the monster he had created live one more day.

The creator of Flappy Bird, the gaming app that went viral this year before it was pulled, said in an interview with Rolling Stone that he may re-release the popular game.

When the game was at its peak, creator Dong Nguyen was believed to be making around $50,000 a day, so users were dumbfounded when he announced on Twitter last month that he was voluntarily removing the game from the app store. 

Nguyen told Rolling Stone that he couldn't handle the press hounding his family in Vietnam. That, and he'd been contacted by users who were so addicted to the game that they lost their jobs or broke their phones. Essentially, he said, Flappy Bird ruined his life.

As a warning to users, Nguyen will include a message telling them to "take a break" if he does decide to re-release the game.

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