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Florida ranked 2nd best state for business by CEOs

The state of Florida ranks second in the nation for business according to a recent study from

The business website and magazine surveyed 500 CEOs across the U.S. for the 10th annual survey, which asks CEOs their views of the best and worst states for business.

The survey measures tax and regulatory regime, the quality of the workforce and the quality of the living environment. 

Texas is once again the best state for business, a position it has held since the survey began. 

Florida comes in at No. 2 on the list, including ranking higher than Texas in terms of quality of living environment. 

Michigan, New Jersey and New York all fall in the category of the worst states for business, according to the survey. California ranks last in the study, with only 1-out-of-5 stars in taxes and regulations.

View the gallery above for the 10 best and worst states for business for 2014 (available here for our mobile users).   


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