KFC is selling limited edition chicken corsages for a unique and tasty prom night gift.

KFC is cashing in on prom season with its latest offering -- the chicken corsage. 

You read that right. In a partnership with Kentucky-based florist company Nanz & Kraft, for a limited time, you can get chicken corsage kits for $20.

The kits come with a bed of baby's breath and a $5 KFC giftcard, so you can accessorize your date's truly one-of-a-kind corsage with their preferred style of chicken -- original, extra crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken. 

The partnership is local to those in the Louisville, Ky. area. Nanz & Kraft originally agreed to make 100, but could make more after interest is widespread. 

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Nothing quite says "thanks for going to the prom with me" like a deep-fried piece of chicken on a bed of flowers.