Sigma Chi

Pictured is Sigma Chi's fall 2012 class at the College of William & Mary, taken from the fraternity's Facebook page. (

The Sigma Chi fraternity is having a bad week after a member at the college of William & Mary¿s gains national attention from a leaked email that urges member to use women for sex in what he calls the ¿save the sluts¿ campaign according to the Huffington

A member of the College of William & Mary's chapter of Sigma Chi has been placed on suspension after he sent out an email to his fraternity brothers urging them to use women for sex in what he calls the "Save the Sluts" campaign, according to The Huffington Post.

The unnamed student writes that the "lesser sex" is "crying out" for good sex and as brothers of Sigma Chi, they should deliver.

If the men aren't confident in their bedroom skills, they're told to put two wet sponges in a Solo cup and practice on that, the email reads.

The school's administration released a statement calling the contents of the email "flatly unacceptable."

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"We will be tireless in our efforts to ignite broader awareness, conversation, advocacy, and action around the issues raised by the derogatory email – issues of community, of personal safety, and of what it means for us to respect the dignity of every human being," the statement reads.

The letter is too profane to post on this blog, but it is available in its entirety here at Be warned, most readers will likely find it to be offensive and sickening.