Warning: Some viewers may find the content of this video to be graphic. Discretion is advised.

A 26-year-old English woman sought revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend by cutting off the tattoo of his name she had on her forearm and mailing it to him, complete with packaging to look like a present, the Daily Star reports.

Torz Reynolds, who works as a piercer, used a scalpel and tweezers to remove the tattoo in an act that took about 90 minutes. Reynolds told the Star that taking the skin off was "relaxing," albeit difficult.

Reynolds got the tattoo as a tribute to then-boyfriend Stuart "Chopper" May about a year into the relationship. Things between the two lovers began to disintegrate and May eventually told Reynolds that he had accepted his dream job in Alaska. 

Turns out, May hadn't accepted a job in the U.S. and was instead still in England seeing another woman, according to the Star. That's when Reynolds decided to send him her tattoo. 

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"Now he knows never to mess with me again," she told the Mail.

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