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For National Rum Day, learn from South Florida's rum experts

Celebrate #NationalRumDay with @SoFlaDistillers and @BurlockCoast

For National Rum Day, learn about rum from some of South Florida’s experts. At South Florida Distillers in Fort Lauderdale, Avi Aisenberg and John Depp, the CEO and creative director, respectively, explain why rum distillery isn’t popular in South Florida even though Palm Beach County is a huge producer of sugarcane, the primary ingredient used to make rum.

Once the distillery packages its Fwaygo Rum, it's distributed to local retailers such as Burlock Coast on Fort Lauderdale beach. The rumcentric restaurant and bar has a rum room where at any given time it showcases between 100 to 150 rums from the Caribbean to New Zealand.

Burlock Coast’s bar features South Florida Distillers’ pineapple-infused Fwaygo Rum in its Rum Runner’s Remorse, which is also served with John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum Liqueur, kombucha and lemon juice. It’s topped with an upside-down orange peel with flower petals.

Additional rum-based cocktails include the Hawai’an Old Fashion, with Koloa Dark Rum, Cointreau, JAX coconut water and orange bitters; and the Boulevardier, served with the Real McCoy Rum, Dolin Bianco and Campari. All the cocktails mentioned cost $13., or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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