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Andrew Zimmern's food truck arrives Nov. 5

Burger Beast blogger and local food truck organizer Sef Gonzalez announced last week that Andrew Zimmern's food truck, the AZ Canteen, would make its first South Florida appearance Nov. 5 at ArtsPark.

The weekly rally held Mondays in downtown Hollywood is put together by Gonzalez, who asked eager customers to read the menu in advance and "please don't be holding up the line."

I already know what I'll be ordering. Sorry Sef, I may hold up the line a little when I get my cabrito butter burger (goat); cabrito sausage; andouille, oyster and crab gumbo; crispy pork belly; and dulce de leche shaved ice. That's basically everything on the food menu, minus the veal tongue.

I draw the line at young bovine mouth muscles.

The ArtsPark roundup at Young Circle goes on Mondays from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.

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