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AZ Canteen delivers delicious tongue

Last night Andrew Zimmern's food truck made its South Florida debut at ArtsPark in Hollywood. Among the locals, the AZ Canteen stood out not just because of its celebrity brand, but also because of its queer menu items.

On the top left are the veal-tongue sliders I was wary of trying, but they proved to be one of my favorite bites off the truck. The cabrito (goat) sausage came in a close second, but although I was hyped about the goat burger, it was a bit too bland for me.

Crispy pork belly served with a fried egg in a Chinese-food container was also a hit, though the ratio of belly to green papaya was too low. The andouille crab gumbo was fine in taste, but I'd prefer a bit more meat in my portion.

The Nicaraguan dessert offered was not something I'd order again, but only because I prefer an ice cream sandwich. The mixture of caramel cream, ice and cake bits is a good balance of texture and sweetness, even if my friend of Nicaraguan descent said he'd never seen it served with cake bits.

I'd say the truck is worth a try, if only for the veal tongue and sausage. Follow @AZCanteen on Twitter to see where you can find it again.

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