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Bartender's Best: -321 mixology at Tanzy Boca Raton

-321 degrees mixology 

Who: Adam Seger

Where: Tanzy Artisanal Italian, iPic Theaters, 301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, 561-922-6699,

What it is: A citrus slushie made without ice, which helps the drink retain its texture longer due to lack of water. The liquid nitrogen freezes the ingredients as it touches them, and the lemon wheels that garnish the glass are “fried” in the supercold mist, turning them into a jellylike fruit.

What he says: “When you do a normal frozen drink in a blender, for instance, you have ice that you’re crushing really fine. You have a little rougher texture,” Seger says. “So when you’re using liquid nitrogen … you’re freezing really, really small crystals, almost like gelato. So you have a smoother mouth feel.”

Where he came from: Seger incorporates his experience working with wine in Napa Valley behind the bar. He says he tries to keep his cocktails seasonal, using ingredients from Tanzy’s garden.

All for show: Seger admits he uses liquid nitrogen “for the drama.” When he mixes this drink, vapor fogs most of Tanzy’s bar. The woodland decor creates a fantastical atmosphere with the mist. Once a bar guest is enchanted enough by the process to order the drink, more will follow, Seger says. The vapor evaporates before the mixture is even poured into a glass, so the drink is not as alluring as the spectacle leading up to it. To watch Seger making the drink, go to

— Maria Murriel, @mariamurriel

The Recipe

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