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Dinner suggestions from the master of brew at Big Bear brewpub

Matthew Cox has overseen the beer-making at Big Bear Brewing Company for almost 12 years. Recently, the brewpub won gold, silver and bronze medals at the U.S. Open Beer Championship for some of its signature styles.

The award-winning Polar Light, Hibernation IPA and Grizzly Red beers are available year-round, but Cox's seasonal styles are of limited availability. This holiday season, some of the brewer's creations are an espresso cream stout, blueberry ale, and the now-indispensable pumpkin ale.

Cox himself isn't a fan of sweet beers, he says. That's why his blueberry and pumpkin beers are well balanced and sweeter in aroma than taste.

Recently, I stopped by Big Bear and talked to Matt about the best dishes to pair with the three seasonal beers. Watch the video above to get a feel for what to order.

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