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Quarterdeck adds sushi bars to all South Florida locations



Quarterdeck Seafood Bar and Neighborhood Grill

Multiple locations,

This local, casual American chain has completed a $500,000 project to add sushi bars after including a sushi bar in its Dania Beach branch when built five years ago.

"The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and it inspired us to move it into the other four locations,” says Frank Zaffere, Old School Hospitality partner. “The only challenge was finding quality sushi chefs that could produce the items at the caliber we expect."

The Las Olas location was the most recent renovation, finished in February.

“Instead of remodeling our original location on Cordova Road in Fort Lauderdale, we are relocating the restaurant to 17th Street, and the sushi kitchen and bar will be a signature feature of the design,” Zaffere says.

The overall menu has doubled with the addition of 70 sushi selections, which account for 25 percent of sales. Bestsellers are Crunchy Tuna Roll ($16), riceless Dania Roll ($18), Bahama Roll ($21), Mike’s Lobster Roll ($24) and the Love Boat sushi boat for two ($60).

“We have some guests who come just for the sushi, but our unique menu offering means that we have many guests that combine sushi with more traditional fare, like cheeseburgers or mahi mahi,” Zaffere says.

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