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Go vote! You'll drink with a discount

Even if you're mainly apathetic about politics, voting this Tuesday is a good idea because local bars and restaurants are offering drink deals for the civically dutiful.

The Riverside Market will serve a free beer from Capital Brewing to customers who order an entree and wear their voting sticker. Those who don't come in to eat can take a mixed four-pack of Capital beers for $8.

Ovenella in Boca Raton will give a free glass of wine and a salad to customers who come in displaying their "I voted" stickers. However, you'll have to purchase an entree, but after long hours at the polls, paying for a meal to get a free drink should cause you no agony. Visit

660 at The Angler's will give their customers free valet parking during lunch, and a free beer or wine, when they come in with their stickers.

Haven Gastro-lounge will screen the election proces starting at 6 p.m., and at the end of the night, patrons with voting stickers will get 15 percent off their tabs.

Serendipity 3 will give customers with a voting sticker a free Election Day cocktail.

Latin House Grill offers a free beer or glass of wine to customers who come in with a sticker.

If you find the election results dreary, you can post a picture of yourself with your voting sticker to the San Juan Marriott's Facebook page to get 20 percent off your vacation in Puerto Rico.

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