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You can now drink 40s on the corner like a G

About a month ago, I blogged about Rep. Katie Edwards' push to legalize beer containers holding between 32 to 128 ounces (link to the left). Her bill has passed, according to this status update by the Florida Brewers Guild.

Bottles in that size range had been outlawed in the Sunshine State due to the thickness of the glass used to make them, Edwards told me. They could possibly be used as weapons, so Floridians have been driving over Georgia's peachy borders to drink their fill for years.

The representatives efforts were centered on supporting the craft-beer industry in Florida: Small breweries can only sell 32-ounce or 1-gallon growlers (128 ounces), but the ability to bottle their brews in 40- or 64-ounce containers would be more profitable, Edwards said.

Well, the fight is won, because support for the bill was unanimous. Stock up.

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