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Yoga and beer together in Miami

Yoga poses can be tough on a beer belly, but yogi Shelah Davis guarantees any body type can adapt to the exercise.

That's why she started Om Brew Yoga, a program in which she leads yoga classes at local breweries, such as Funky Buddha Brewery, Wynwood Brewing Company and Miami Brewing Company.

"With the beer and yoga program, we sort of reach out to people that are more hesitant to try it," Davis says. "It's really exciting to see people that've never done yoga to take their first class."

Her next class will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday at Funky Buddha, 1201 NE 38th St., in Oakland Park. It costs $15 and includes one pint of draft beer. Davis says there should be no guilt in enjoying the beer after the class.

"If you're being active on a regular basis, you can indeed have a beer or two without having to worry about balancing it out," Davis says. "I tell people to drink beer the same way they drink wine. Everything in moderation. You don't overconsume."

Besides introducing people to yoga, the program also attracts new fans to the breweries.

“I think people are looking for different ways to enjoy beer,” says John Linn, sales and marketing director at Funky Buddha. “I think they are a great combination. Yoga is very relaxing. It kind of puts your mind and body in the right waves. The same can be said to drinking beer in moderation.”

To register for the class, go to She'll teach yoga at Wynwood Brewing in Miami on April 13., @babicorb and 954-356-4710

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