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Look ugly, win beer

Wednesday night's forecast calls for a bone-chilling 69 degrees in Fort Lauderdale, which provides as good a reason as any to don your tackiest apparel and knock back a few beers at the Riverside Market and Cafe's Ugly Sweater Ice Cream Social.

This event for grown-ups is a partnership between Julian and Lisa Siegel's Riverside Market and Cafe and the Boston Beer Company. The night will offer limited-release Samuel Adams beers, scoops of vanilla ice cream and, yes, the sartorial disaster that is sweaters embroidered with snowmen and Christmas trees.

"People are doing ugly sweater parties this season. I know, because I've been to 10 of them already," says Julian Siegel, whose wife organized the "fun, crazy idea" with a Samuel Adams representative. "It's hard for Floridians to get into the holiday spirit in 90-degree weather, so this is a night to give out tasty beers that everyone can share."

Beer floats on tap at the social will include Samuel Adams' Merry Maker, a gingerbread stout brewed for the holidays, as well as the tart Cherry Chocolate Bock, the festive Old Fezziwig Ale, the witbier-style White Christmas, the spicy Thirteenth Hour stout, the Belgian-style New World ale and the Juniper IPA. Floats cost $7 per glass and $15 for a trio of beer float flights.

The craft-beer drinker with the most-hideous sweater will win an assorted 12-pack of Sam Adams Christmas beers and a 22-ounce Merry Maker bomber.

The Ugly Sweater Ice Cream Social will takes place 8 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 18, at the Riverside Market and Cafe, 608 SW 12th Ave, in Fort Lauderdale. Admission is free. Call 954-358-8333 or go to

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