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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson develops the Trooper Ale

Last week, NPR reported that one of England's most-legendary rock bands was gearing up to release an "Iron Maiden-inspired beer."

Maiden's lead singer Bruce Dickinson developed the flavor profile, it seems, and he partnered with Robinsons Brewery to make the stuff. It's called the Trooper Ale -- click to sign up for a newsletter for alerts of availability near you.

Sounds like the Trooper will be a somewhat-sweet, citrusy session beer, at only 4.8 percent alcohol by volume.

The NPR post cites metal-news blog Metal Injection, which has an entire bands and booze category. I figured it's fitting to include this news in the Lush Life, as I try to mix drinks on this blog as well.

Click the link above to see what other metalheads make their own alcohol. Some entries include AC/DC beer and Motorhead boxed wine.

Let me know if you've heard of others.

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