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Thanks for making our first happy hour a success!

Last night was the Lush Life's first happy-hour event, held at the Riverside Market. A few of my colleagues and I were there giving away shirts and books and shouting all sorts of nonsense.

Thanks so much for coming out and playing along! Check yourself out in the pictures above.

A few of you who attended took home tickets for MMA fights at Revolution Live; others left with books on homebrewing, grilling and cocktail recipes; but most of you should have received our beer koozie and keychain-flashlight-bottle-opener hybrid.

Despite that tool's multiple uses, does NOT recommend nor condone opening bottles while driving in the dark. Or drinking near cars at all. Remember that.

Julian Siegel, Riverside's owner, served up more than a dozen different Florida brews and some happy-hour appetizers for $5 each. He also contributed to our trivia giveaways with some brewery shirts and bags. By the way, congrats to everyone who answered correctly -- the questions were easy this first time, but they'll get harder as we go.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below if you attended, or even if you didn't. We want to know where to go next time so you have a chance to join our crazy fun.

And you can always tweet me at @mariamurriel, or follow our site at

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