'The One' by Andrea Immer Robinson

'The One' by Andrea Immer Robinson (MOAFL/Courtesy)

The Museum of Art's Art of Wine series is hosting master sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson for a Friday-night tasting on on Feb. 22.

Immer Robinson will be promoting her stemware line, the One, from which she'll provide attendees white and red glasses to use for the evening. After her crash course is done, guests will get to keep the glasses. 

The sommelier has a laid-back teaching style and prefers to cut superfluous jargon to leave more room for the wine essentials. In this intro video on AndreaWine.com, she spells out the basics of wine as learning the grape varietal, vineyard region and vintage just by reading a bottle label.

Along with West Palm Beach's Virginia Philip, Immer Robinson is one of a handful of women throughout the world to hold the title of master sommelier. And she's a sort-of local: She tweeted on Feb. 16 that Fort Lauderdale is her mother's hometown, so she's psyched for the MOAFL event.

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Tickets cost $50 at MOAFL.org and the event starts at 6 p.m.