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Cocktail spotlight: Machiya's Basilchiya

In Miami's Midtown district, Machiya serves traditional ramen noodles and modern Japanese dishes such as the lobster duo: tempura-fried lobster-tail bits served with sushi rolls of lobster, spicy aioli, mango and avocado. But the cocktail menu is more than just sake.

The best drink on the list, in fact, is a cachaca cocktail mixed with fresh basil and chai liqueur. The Basilchiya's lightness comes from lime juice softening the strong taste of cachaca, a Brazilian cane liquor typically served with lime in caipirinhas. A basil leaf and the chai spice add aroma and flavor to the drink, $11. It's like a Japanese mojito made with the spirit of Brazil.

Order it at: Machiya Midtown Modern Japanese Cuisine, 3252 NE First Ave., Ste. 116, Miami

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