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UPDATED: World Music Awards canceled

Update: Two days before the event date, media outlets quoted organizers saynig the World Music Awards have been canceled due to visa issues and "in view of this week's national mourning."

Marlins Park communications rep Carolina Perrina confirmed the awards will not be taking place. A page on the Marlins Park website still displayed links to purchase tickets Thursday afternoon.

Brandi Kolosky, the publicist hired to handle local press for the event, declined to comment on the cancellation.

Marlins Park in Miami will hold the World Music Awards this Saturday, Dec. 22. The nominees are plenty, so I'll only attempt to narrow my choices for world's best entertainer of the year.

Lykke Li hails from Sweden, bringing our pop-laden music culture playful percussion beating along with noise-rock synths arranged with the singer's girlish cries. It's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Charlotte Gainsbourg instead of Karen O.

Li's music is a bit of a time capsule, with songs such as "Sadness Is a Blessing" sounds like a dark interpretation of ABBA's music. But "Get Some" is a more-risque cousin of Kevin Shields' "I Want Candy" remix.

The singer performed at the Raleigh Hotel during Art Basel this month, alongside Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow.

DJ Irie should win because he's a homegrown Miamian whose music played South Florida's favorite sports team to two NBA championships, and, as Micaela Hood wrote earlier this year, he hosts parties for the benefit of children's foundations. Irie's popularity doesn't cease to rise after 12 years as the Miami Heat's official emcee and DJ, and it would be regional gratification to see him win the title of best entertainer in the world this year.

Lana Del Rey starts her songs with lines such as "My p---- tastes like Pepsi-Cola" moaned with such reticent immodesty it's hard to recognize what she's said until she's moved on to the next scandalous lyric.

Still, this pick warrants a more-detailed explanation than the rest.

Forget the Internet hype and the controversy gossip blogs ran with about her fake lips and old identity. If there is anything negative to say about LDR is her possible inability to sing, or at least perform, demonstrated by that horrid SNL set. But have you checked out the slew of vocal-chord-deficient starlets winning awards for work that is no better -- if not worse -- than pouty Lana's?

Now that the blogosphere has freed LDR from its spotlight, her 2012 releases can stand solely on her unapologetic sex-doll image, and because she doesn't play the part shimmying around in skimpy outfits, it's worth granting her some recognition. Her studio albums, after all, is what you'll hear most.

Paul McCartney is not my favorite member of the Beatles, but seeing the crowd unite in sing-along to "Hey Jude" at Sun Life Stadium two years ago may have turned me a bit. Does Macca's worth really need defense? Just look at some photos from that 12-12-12 Sandy benefit concert. Nearly half a century later, Sir Paul is still energetic and passionate onstage. Plus, earlier this year, he had to deal with this (NSFW language).

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