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Your delivery methods do not impress me, MillerCoors

Delivery men wearing parkas covered in fake snow brought some cans of Coors Light to poolside hotel guests in Bal Harbour recently. They stepped out of freezers, rode sleds pulled by dogs and jumped out of helicopters (really) to bring the sunbathers the light-beer product.

The stunt was part of a marketing campaign by MillerCoors, Coors Light's parent company, to promote the beer as "the world's most refreshing can."

I just think it's weird. Let's overlook the video's authenticity -- real poolgoers? Doubt it -- and just think about the inconvenience of having large motor vehicles ambush you in the expensive hotel patio where you lounge, just to hand you a beer you might not even want considering the probable availability of better beers or handcrafter summer cocktails in your vicinity.

I'd just be bemused. I'd want to go back to tanning in peace, listening to my neighbors' chatter and the hopefully varied music selection playing at the hotel. I'd want to drink a summer shandy, for crying out loud.

Big-beer marketing has to be extreme to sell well. But I just feel like this is pointless. At least the ad didn't have bikini-wearing snow women delivering the cans to just men. Actually, one of the recipients is a confused-looking woman.

Good job?

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