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Sam Adams wants you to put the phone down on Lager Day

Holidays such as "National Rum Day," "International Whiskey Day" and "Cocktail Appreciation Day" are mostly made up by marketing companies who want to push some promotion or product on thirsty consumers. There's no commemorative or spiritual value to the tradition.

National Lager Day may be no different, but Sam Adams is seizing the day to encourage drinkers to get off the smartphone on Monday, Dec. 10.

Per the brewery's reps, a survey reported less than a third of Americans 21 or older communicate with friends primarily in person, choosing to chat via social media and other techy hijinks instead. In response to the stat, Sam Adams asks those drinking-age citizens to head out to bars tonight and get off their phones, but only after tweeting or Facebooking Sam Adams about getting off the phone.

The effort is a cute way to disengage from the myriad notifications that punctuate converstations these days. It's also a refreshing break from emails from work, especially on the Monday following a jam-packed weekend.

To engage with the Sam Adams disengagement, follow the brewery on Twitter at @SamuelAdamsBeer and tweet with the hashtag #BostonLagerLogOff. After announcing your whereabouts, shut off your phone.

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